What you should be reading – FX NX

Overview – Obama foreign policy in 2013 – Fisher

South Sudan – Fisher

Poverty – Bregman (worth reading for both NX and FX)

Overview – NSA revelations in 2013 – Peterson


The extemp files were updated Sunday evening.


What you should be reading – NX FX

Workers and jobs and unemployment – Krugman and Plumer

ACA and GOP options

Fisher on Lebanon and Canada’s arctic territorial claims

British economy (contrast with earlier Krugman article on Osborne, posted 12-20)

Global warming – Porter

Turkey – Corruption scandal, Strauss on connection to American charter schools (really), and Sasley (an important analysis)

Syria‘s conflict and border issues/changes

NX – economics

Valerie Strauss can normally be found writing the Washington Post’s column The Answer Sheet, on education matters. One of her posts today, though, puts together some of the most useful economic charts I’ve seen – all in one place – that go a long way towards describing and defining our current domestic economic conditions. There aren’t many extemp questions on economic problems that won’t be covered by these charts; the article is well worth your time to read.

What you should be reading – NX FX

Health care – Rosenthal

Economy – Lowrey (minimum wage) and Stiglitz (one of the must-know economists, on an aspect of income inequality not often mentioned)

Iran – Giacomo

Ukraine – Hoagland

China – Murong Xuecun on propaganda

Definitely in CX, and probably in FX and NX, we ask high school students to solve some of the world’s most difficult problems in just 7-8 minutes of speaking time. Do student opinions on such topics really matter? This article indicates they might.