NX/FX – Extemp files

The full extemp files can be found here, and include NX and FX topics. I update them periodically, as time and the ability to gather articles permits. They cover only 2013; backfiles exist but are too large for Dropbox. Ask me if you need older material on specific topics. At some point I’ll pull the files for the first six months of 2013 and move them to the backfiles, so that the folder doesn’t become too large to keep in the cloud. The count is something like 20,000 articles.

They’re current from late October through 12/15; I still have a lot from August and October to file, and there’s a big gap from 9/11 – 9/30 (no articles saved), thanks to getting flooded out.

I also keep up with a number of other subjects; if you’re running across topics not in the folder let me know – I might have something.


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