What you should be reading – FX NX


Middle East – Friedman on the stakes of Kerry’s diplomatic efforts

You’ve heard of the BRIC countries? Now we have the Fragile Five – and notice the overlap…

Edsall discusses Piketty’s new book on capitalism and democracy – an excellent read; then look at how Greece deals with some of its economic fallout. (Piketty is with the Paris School of Economics; for the true econ geek, you can find his lectures here.) Edsall’s article definitely has NX implications on economic topics; the article on Greece may, too.


Economics – Porter on our problems, and possible solutions, and Meyerson and Pareene take on plutocrats.

ACA – Emanuel evaluates the GOP health care counter-proposal, now that one with details is finally on the table.


PF Feb 2014 – VRA

The articles in the Voting folder have been updated, for those writing new cases for this Saturday. Note the addition of the Baude and Franita Tolson articles, and the recent election reform articles.

What you should be reading – NX FX

A lot of articles the last few days, but not a lot of critical/outstanding ones. (Extemp files have been updated.) The best of the new articles are below.


Syria – Friedman and Leroux-Martin

Friedman again, on the Arab world, with specific reference to Egypt and Tunisia

Ukraine – Fisher on some background to the protests


More on the rich (and powerful)

Letters in response to the Polk article (posted 1-19)

Robert Reich responds to Brooks article on inequality (posted 1-17)

What you should be reading – FX NX

Ukraine – how would you react if this happened to you? (And could it/will it some day soon?)

Economics – Nocera on Brazil – with implications for the U.S. The Rousseff quote, and Nocera’s final line, ought to show up in an extemp speech somewhere.

Another reply to Kotlikoff’s call (posted 1-6) to end corporate income taxes.

And, while not originally intended to be a series, yet another article on the really rich. (The world looks different if you’re on, or waiting in line for a seat on, that double-decker bus.)