What you should be reading – FX NX


Middle East – Friedman on the stakes of Kerry’s diplomatic efforts

You’ve heard of the BRIC countries? Now we have the Fragile Five – and notice the overlap…

Edsall discusses Piketty’s new book on capitalism and democracy – an excellent read; then look at how Greece deals with some of its economic fallout. (Piketty is with the Paris School of Economics; for the true econ geek, you can find his lectures here.) Edsall’s article definitely has NX implications on economic topics; the article on Greece may, too.


Economics – Porter on our problems, and possible solutions, and Meyerson and Pareene take on plutocrats.

ACA – Emanuel evaluates the GOP health care counter-proposal, now that one with details is finally on the table.


What you should be reading – NX FX

A lot of articles the last few days, but not a lot of critical/outstanding ones. (Extemp files have been updated.) The best of the new articles are below.


Syria – Friedman and Leroux-Martin

Friedman again, on the Arab world, with specific reference to Egypt and Tunisia

Ukraine – Fisher on some background to the protests


More on the rich (and powerful)

Letters in response to the Polk article (posted 1-19)

Robert Reich responds to Brooks article on inequality (posted 1-17)

What you should be reading – FX NX

Ukraine – how would you react if this happened to you? (And could it/will it some day soon?)

Economics – Nocera on Brazil – with implications for the U.S. The Rousseff quote, and Nocera’s final line, ought to show up in an extemp speech somewhere.

Another reply to Kotlikoff’s call (posted 1-6) to end corporate income taxes.

And, while not originally intended to be a series, yet another article on the really rich. (The world looks different if you’re on, or waiting in line for a seat on, that double-decker bus.)