LD M/A 2014 – Topic

Resolved: Placing political conditions on humanitarian aid to foreign countries is unjust.

For NatQuals!

An interesting mix of value and policy. While I don’t have a specific file on humanitarian aid, there should be articles in specific country folders. What comes to mind at first glance is North Korea, where there’s a long history of trading the food aid they need to avoid starvation for political concessions on their nuclear program (and the question of whether they’ve gamed that process by provoking situations that will lead to concessions they can utilize to get aid). Syria is an obvious choice right now, with three sides involved and only one the US really likes. Burma/Myanmar had sanctions for years, as does Iran right now. Then there’s the oil for aid program in Iraq, back when there were sanctions during Saddam Hussein’s regime. And could our anti-abortion restrictions on aid to programs that also promote women’s health issues (Africa comes to mind) be applicable to this topic?

There are a number of international NGOs that could come into play – Doctors Without Borders is one of the best known, and they’ve pulled out of a number of countries in spite of the needs of the populations there. Has that been for political reasons, or other reasons?


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