FX – What you should be reading

Posts delayed by FEMA and flood matters again; another FX post on Middle East issues shortly…

Russia – a judiciary change with major implications, and a look at fiscal issues.

Another snapshot of Greece.

A small but historic moment between China and Taiwan – NYT and WP versions. If you ever have a China/Taiwan topic, this better be part of your speech.

Japan and Shinzo Abe (which is a two-syllable last name, and not pronounced like a former president’s nickname).

A really long article on Turkey, but one that covers most essential issues you might run into with possible FX topics. This is the sort of thing that a good FXer would read between tournaments, and not try to skim in a 30 minute prep. (Judge/coach tip: most FX rounds are won by what the competitor does between tournaments, not during prep. That’s why I post these articles.)

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