FX – What you should be reading

Ukraine is dominating the news, and there are more stories of interest than I can post here. I did a full file update of the Extemp files last Thursday evening and Sunday evening, and updated the Ukraine and Russia folders (essentially the same articles; I double-file things that cover multiple countries so you can find them wherever you look first) tonight as well. This article, with its background on the Cold War, is worth noting.

Around the world: Burma, Bosnia, Hungary, Turkey, and Lebanon/Syria.

Finally, Friedman on global foreign policy concerns. The Mandelbaum quote at the end of the first page should end up in someone’s FX speech. Like the Olopade article’s different way of looking at economic development, Friedman provides a different framework of analysis – and isn’t an analytical framework what you’re looking for in an extemp speech?


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