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Most of the readers of this web site are likely to be high school students or their teachers and coaches. This article, on the redesign (yet again) of the SAT, is of particular interest to those who are high school freshmen right now, since the changes will affect their class first. (The first comment after the article is worth noting.)

Note that the essay becomes optional. If you’re in the public speaking events in high school forensics, then you should be able to nail this easily. Who else gets as much practice as those who develop structured arguments on the fly, week(end) after week(end)?

Update: More on the change, with comments by Goldfarb, Strauss, Yang, and Yang again.

Update update: Still more on the change – background, ACT competition, Boylan, and letters in response to the changes.

Still more: Five myths, reactions, impact on colleges, and comments by Parker, Mayer, Grant, and Balf. Plus, letters in response to the Boylan column.

Jay Mathews on the SAT.


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