FX – Ukraine

Friedman offers a good take on the crisis in Ukraine, and how to counter the threat that is Putin long-term. Taylor offers a glossary of the crisis.

Pukhov has an interesting take on the situation – worth the time to read (and read carefully) even though I disagree with much of what he says. On close reading, his dismissal of the Maidan protesters as neo-Nazi ultranationalists gives away his biases; while that element was clearly present, particularly in the more violent confrontations with authorities, the protesters (and casualties) represented a far broader spectrum of Ukrainian society and thought than he admits to. Russia’s attempt to extort Ukraine into their political orbit needs to be recognized as one of the reasons for the protests, as does the corrupt nature of the elected government. The “simpletons of international politics” may not be the United States after all, but those who fail to acknowledge the full complexity of the situation in Ukraine.


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