Quotes, and the use thereof…

Konnikova on quotes, and how they’re used.

Take the time to read this one. There isn’t a public speaking event in high school forensics that doesn’t involve the fairly extensive quoting of other people’s words. If I, as a judge, have a complaint based on what I see practiced in rounds, it’s that we’ve substituted quotations for thinking. Simply repeating other people’s words, either without context or out of context (CX: yes, species extinction is bad, but there’s no way the author of the quote you read me intended it to be used as as extension of the point you started with), isn’t how this is supposed to work. Use the articles you read to get to the core ideas of a topic/subject (which is why I post the NX and FX articles I do, to give you new ideas to use), and then contextually reassemble those ideas into the form you want to use in your speech. And by all means, let me see evidence of your thinking. That’s what gets the extra points on my ballot.


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