FX – What you should be reading – China, Russia, and Greece

China: Besides their island-building in the South China Sea, and the territorial implications that has (claims that involve off-shore resources, sea lanes/airspace control), there are some interesting domestic events.

China Approves Sweeping Security Law, Bolstering Communist Rule

Jitters in Tech World Over New Chinese Security Law

Security Law Suggests a Broadening of China’s ‘Core Interests’

Zakaria – With an absent United States, China marches on.

Russia: Their view of reality isn’t ours; some thoughts on that difference.

Trudolyubov – Russia’s Virtual Universe – reality vs Kremlin media

Gessen – What the Russians Crave – Cheese

(Pretty much anything by Masha Gessen is worth reading)

Greece: By the time the extemp season starts, their economic crisis will have evolved. In the meantime, some background articles to get you up to speed quickly.

Zaretsky – What Would Thucydides Say About the Crisis in Greece

18 key facts about Greece that will leave you totally up to date about a huge crisis

7 key things to know about Greece’s debt crisis and what happens next

Even debate gets a mention (at the very end of this NPR/Here & Now story):

Political Rhetoric Soars Across Europe After Greek Vote

(Clicking on the links for articles will open up a new page; click on the link there to display the PDF file.)


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