FX – Greece (and Germany)

Of interest in the debate about a(nother) Greek financial bailout is Germany’s hard-line stance on the issue – ironic, in some ways, given Germany’s own debt crisis once upon a time:

Thomas Piketty accuses Germany of forgetting history as it lectures Greece – Separate from this topic, a necessity for any extemper is to know who Thomas Piketty is, and the essence of his economic arguments.

Meyerson – Germany failed to learn from its own history – and Greece is paying the price

From NPR’s Here & Now program: Greek And German Debt: Fair To Compare?

Other considerations on the economic crisis in Greece:

From Here & Now again: Euro, Drachma, Digital Currency – What Will Greece Choose?

9 ways the Greek crisis is making daily life crazy

The situation in Greece has been a slow-motion crisis that has lasted for years, which suggests that it may well be around during the tournament season this school year.


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