FX – What you should be reading

Burma/Myanmar: A Mother’s Anguished Choice to Flee Myanmar and Leave One Child Behind – while many articles deal with the politics of why the Rohingya flee the country, this one deals with the issue on a very personal level. Burma has come a long way since the darker days of the military dictatorship there, but the refugee crisis they’ve created is having a significant impact on the region. Expect questions on this in FX.

Iran: Pincus – Any Iran nuclear deal should be judged on its contents, not the rhetoric – Pincus is pretty much always worth reading, and he has some excellent comments on evaluating any deal with Iran. Even if we don’t reach an agreement now (they stop nuclear weapons development, we stop sanctions), it’ll be an area of ongoing negotiations (given that the choices are either diplomacy or military).As such, FX questions are likely. (Even if we reach an agreement, questions about whether or not it was a good deal can be expected.)


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