NX – Economics – In general, and Puerto Rico specifically

Morris – To Each Age Its Inequality – a (really) historical look at inequality

Why a Meaningful Boost for Those at the Bottom Requires Help From the Top – trying to find the sweet spot mentioned in the Morris article; Piketty again!

Krugman – Greece’s Economy Is a Lesson for Republicans in the US – if there is any one must-read economist, it’s Paul Krugman. While I’m aware of the criticisms of his positions (primarily from conservatives; as this article shows he’s not fond of their policies), I’ve been following economic issues since the 1960s and he’s been the most consistently correct writer on the topic.

On Puerto Rico’s debt crisis:

This makes sense: The Bonds That Broke Puerto Rico

And this makes sense: How Washington helped create Puerto Rico’s staggering debt crisis

But this doesn’t: Puerto Rico’s crisis illustrates the risks of minimum wage hikes – this strikes me as similar to the conservative economic position that the solution to everything is a tax cut (ask Kansas how that’s working out for them); either minimum wage laws, or increases in minimum wages, are always supposed to be bad. If they are, I find it a real stretch to blame the Puerto Rican debt crisis on them given alternative explanations; not a good example to support the overall minimum wage bad argument.

A fun read on economics in general: What the economics of Star Trek can teach us about the real world – if your high school offers an Econ class, take this article in to the teacher and see what happens. I suspect that there are some possible extemp speech introductions in the article that could be used (depending on the topic wording).


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