FX – Iran

The other big news is a diplomatic agreement with Iran designed to restrict their nuclear weapons program in exchange for sanction relief. Keep in mind that this wasn’t just a US-Iran deal – there are several other countries involved. (Can you name them?) Here’s what’s worth reading:

How to argue about the Iran deal (this article covers both sides)

Beinart – Why Republicans Are So Mad About Obama’s Nuclear Deal With Iran (The opening paragraph may be the definitive Extemp speech intro for pretty much any question that asks if the deal was a good/bad one.)

Dionne – Obama echoes Reagan on Iran (Dionne is one of my must-read editorial columnists)

Debating the Iran Nuclear Deal

Fallows – What History Teaches Us About Obama’s Nuclear Deal With Iran (I’ve been following Fallows’ writing for decades; go to page 6 of this article for a key point that should get a judge’s attention.)

Pincus – The Iran nuclear agreement will unfold in choreographed steps (I’ve already mentioned Pincus as a must-read)

Friedman – Backing Up Our Wager With Iran

From NPR, Saudi Arabia’s stake in the deal:

What Saudi Arabia Has At Stake In The Iran Nuclear Deal


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