FX – Middle East

On the region as a whole:

Pincus – As Dempsey departs, he issues sober assessment of Middle East

An interesting analysis of the appeal of ISIS to some Westerners:

Pilgrims to the Islamic State – Why Are Westerners Attracted to ISIS

Turkey just made some major changes in their position towards ISIS, including opening an airbase to US use, and direct attacks on ISIS positions. It was in response, in no small part, to an ISIS attack on Turkish soil. What initially surprised me was the way the suicide bombing triggered a Turkish attack on PKK/Kurdish positions; the Kurds have been major US allies in anti-ISIS efforts, so that would seem to work against US interests. This story explained why:

Turkish Bomber Who Killed 32 Identified As Ethnic Kurd

More on the Iran deal:

Beinart – Why Is the Iraq War Never Mentioned in Debates About the Iran Deal  (Page 2, main paragraph, in particular)

Gordon – A better Iran deal – History suggests no (last paragraph and last sentence)

Zakaria – Obama’s critics are the real gamblers on Iran

The Secret Talks That Led To The Negotiations With Iran (background worth knowing)



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