FX – What you should be reading

Turkey – the short and long of it:

Turkey’s Fight Against ISIS Explained  (explanation lite)

Turkey’s messy war in the Middle East, explained (a more nuanced and detailed description)

Turkey Grants U.S. Permission To Use Air Base Near Syrian Border (from NPR, a discussion of the changes in Turkey’s position)

Iran: two views on the “now what” question from two of my go-to writers, and NPR’s look at the Iran – Saudi Arabia conflict

Pincus – Figuring out the dimensions of Iran’s past research on nuclear weapons

Fallows – The Real Test of the Iran Deal – The Atlantic

Saudi Arabia Softens Opposition To Iran Nuclear Deal

Greece: How much of the debt problem should be on those who owe the loans, vs. those who made the loans:

Davidson – Why Greece’s Lenders Need to Suffer

Egypt: What a cycle. First, Mubarak, his military, and his bans on the Muslim Brotherhood (to which many turned as the only means to protest government policies), then the Arab Spring uprisings topple Mubarak. First elections are won by the best-organized faction – not surprisingly the Muslim Brotherhood. A too-conservative/too-religious approach results in more protests and effectively a coup, taking us back to Mubarak Lite (a different military figure becomes the country’s ruler), his military, and bans on the Muslim Brotherhood. Now we’re back to conservative religious positions as one of the few means of protesting the government. Watch what’s going on in the Sinai, and listen to NPR’s take on it.

Egypt’s Military Struggles To Quell Growing ISIS-Linked Insurgency


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