CX – Funding

For decades (literally) I’ve heard plans funded by “closing tax loopholes” plan planks, something accomplished legislatively and something that assumes a working collection system. Often skipped is the collection role the IRS plays. If part of the Greek debt crisis is structural problems with their tax collection system, what does the following article say about our choices, and what does it suggest about whether or not additional federal revenue could be raised with a tax system that doesn’t have a damaged/crippled enforcement mechanism. This also suggests that, if you encounter a “loopholes” plank, you might be able to challenge its effectiveness with this article. (The article goes both ways, on Neg as a refutation of “loophole” plans, and on the Aff by arguing that proper funding of the IRS would raise collection levels enough to pay for your plan. You’d need, on the Aff, an additional article showing how extra dollars to the IRS bring in multiples of that in federal revenue. Such articles exist; I’ll post one if/when I find one.)

What’s happened at the IRS after five years of slashed budgets


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