FX – What you should be reading and listening to

Turkey: How Turkey’s position towards ISIS and the Kurds complicates the Middle East even further

Turkey’s Focus on Crushing Kurdish Separatists Complicates the Fight Against ISIS

Turkey Launches Bombing Campaign Against ISIS, PKK Bases

Lebanon and the spillover from Syria: Note the population statistics, and realize that for all the Syrian refugees going to Lebanon, there are a lot more going elsewhere (Jordan, Turkey, and even EU countries).

Lebanon Evicted Syrians From A Refugee Camp; They Refused To Go

Iran and Saudi Arabia: Friedman is always worth reading, and there’s some really good background info in this article

Friedman – For the Mideast, It’s Still 1979

A small but noteworthy issue in the disputes between Israel and Iran:

Torn Between Native And Adoptive Lands, Israel’s Iranian Jews Hope For Peace

Russia: Note the author’s qualifications; is his thesis correct in spite of his biases on the issue?

Gershman – Russia’s crackdown on civil society shows the regime’s weakness

Greece and Germany: One side played a game and won – was that a good thing?

Irwin – How Germany Prevailed in the Greek Bailout

China: There are ways around government restrictions; this article explains one method.

These are the secret code words that let you criticize the Chinese government


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