FX – What you should be reading

Brazil first (from NPR):

As Brazil’s Economy Goes In Reverse, Illusion Of Prosperity Fades With It

Cuba: Diplomatic relations are hardly the whole picture of US-Cuba relations.

The US now has an embassy in Cuba but relations are hardly normal

Egypt: A previous post briefly discussed Egypt’s political cycle in recent years. This articles presents a more nuanced discussion of Egypt’s government. A necessary background article.

Brown et al – Who is running the Egyptian state

Syria: Knowing who we should help seems easy – not pro-Assad forces or Islamic extremist militias (Nusra/ISIS) – but actually helping is a lot more complex.

Abductions Hurt US Bid to Train Anti-ISIS Rebels in Syria

China: Krugman tackles China’s economic problems. Excellent background.

Krugman – China’s Naked Emperors

Euro: While this article has to do with Italy specifically, the bridge line between pages 1 and 2 just begs to be used in an intro on Greece as well.

Italy is the most likely country to leave the euro


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