CX – points to ponder

Consider the following two articles:

The government doesn’t know how businesses are using tech that tracks your face

For Sympathetic Ear, More Chinese Turn to Smartphone Program

A recent article about software that churches could use to (facially) identify which members of their congregation were in the pews that week alerted me to the expanded use of facial recognition software – and it’s hardly only churches that could/would be using such software, and to ends other than simple attendance. Add to that the second article, with companies that perhaps store and retain more than they say they do about what you’ve said to your AI (artificial intelligence) app.

If the loss of privacy is only a subpoena away, what does that say for the government’s ability to engage in surveillance? And after Snowden’s revelations, does the supposed need for subpoenas really provide a barrier? Would private industry effectively be subcontracted by the government to watch you for them? (Government use of phone company logs would suggest that’s already started.) And what does that say for enforcement and workability? If the Aff plan shuts down the feds, can they backdoor the procedures to private companies to get around the Aff plan? And if that’s possible, how could the Aff plan demonstrate solvency? (Ability of plan to solve the problems cited to justify the Aff’s plan – Plan Meet Need or Plan Meed Advantage in dinosaur terms.)


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