FX – in pictures

We read the words, but they often don’t convey the more visceral understanding of events that pictures do.

Note: the following photo galleries, mostly from The Atlantic, may contain graphic pictures (most likely in war zone area). They’re usually (but not always) blacked out and have to be specifically clicked on to be displayed. Look for the bold print warnings in the dialogue at the beginning of the gallery.

North Korea:

What life looks like inside North Korea


The Saudi Arabia-Yemen War of 2015

Syria: galleries from November, January, April, and June

Living in War-Torn Syria

Returning Syrian Kurds Find Recaptured Kobani in Ruins

In Syria: Four Years of War

Syrians Crash Through a Fence Between War and Refuge

EU Refugee crisis: some come by sea, some by land

The Mediterranean Migrant Crisis: Risking Everything for a Chance at a Better Life

Asylum Seekers Flood Into Hungary


And Then There Was One – Nail Houses

Beijing’s Toxic Sky


The Battle for Tikrit


Future Soldiers of Israel


Ransoms and Reunions: The Internet Huts of Burma

Ukraine and Russia: Three from February, one from March

Caught in the Crossfire in Eastern Ukraine

Watching a Shaky Cease-Fire in Ukraine

A Year of War Completely Destroyed the Donetsk Airport

Beauty in the Ceasefire: A Pageant in Donetsk

This single shot – entitled The Face of War – is a portrait of Putin done by Ukrainian artist Dariya Marchenko. It is striking because of the medium she used – 5000 shell casings gathered from the front line in eastern Ukraine. I could see a description of this being used as a speech intro.

The Face Of War

(Once you get to the picture, you should be able to click on it to enlarge it to the original resolution.)


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