FX – What you should be reading

Trade: The title says it all. The link is to the original article because the map graphic is important and a PDF file would have dropped it. As a bonus, there are some excellent links at the end of the article to further explore the subject. Negotiations on the TPP will hopefully wrap up soon, triggering a bunch of new articles analyzing whatever deal is reached. This article is essential background to understand what is going to be said about the deal.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal Explained

Greece: An article that is not only enlightening, but that also provides a story that would make a decent extemp speech introduction.

How olive oil explains Greece’s problems

One of the key things they teach you in teacher training, at least for Social Studies, is the value of compare and contrast assignments. Do that for the next two articles. Keep in mind two points: First, in Political Science terms, states (nations/countries) have a monopoly on violence (force – military or police – as authorized by the government). Second, the key question on human rights is whether we have human rights simply because we’re human, or whether we have human rights only because a government grants them to us. (If you do LD, these points are relevant to a number of topics.)


Xiao Guozhen – China vs Its Human Rights Lawyers

Middle East:

Amro – Israel wrecked my home – Now it wants my land

In the U.S., we expect to hear about the sort of abuses mentioned in Xiao Guozhen’s article. But if those are abuses that should be denounced, what do we make of Nureddin Amro’s article, and what does contrasting and comparing the two articles say about Israel?


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