NX – What you should be reading

…or listening to.

Global Warming: I find ‘Climate Change’ to be too neutral – data says the globe is warming.

5 Questions About Obama’s Climate Change Plan

Stromberg – How to detect nonsense about climate change – pro and con Would some of these points make a good intro?


Two Sides Of The GMO Debate (Long, but it covers the key issues on both sides.)

Closing Guantanamo:

New Gitmo Plan Would Relocate Some Detainees To U.S.

Health Care: Coverage for mental health issues – always a loophole. For you CXers, why enforcement matters.

Health Insurers Face Little Enforcement Of Federal Mental Health Parity Law

Minimum Wage: Should the local/regional cost of living be factored in?

What raising the minimum wage to $15 would actually mean in every state


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