FX – Latin America

Haiti: Long, but one of the best background pieces on the country I’ve come across, covering both historical and contemporary issues.

Haiti Observes 100th Anniversary Of 19-Year U.S. Occupation

Venezuela: A disaster no longer waiting to happen. While no fan of Chavez, I have to wonder if his successor is really up to a task Chavez might have been able to handle better. A story of ideology meeting the real world. It’s a country worth watching – the situation can’t continue forever, so the question becomes one of when something is going to happen there, and what that something might be.

Venezuela is basically bankrupt again


Richard Cohen – Why boycotting Cuba makes sense

Comments: On the one hand, Cuba’s human rights record is nothing to be proud of, and boycotts have worked in places like South Africa to improve their behavior. On the other hand, there are a bunch of American businesses just waiting to get into the Cuban market – would they boycott that opportunity for human rights reasons, or would capitalism’s amoral (not immoral – know the difference) quest for profits trump that?


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