FX – What you should be reading

Israel: The article I’ve been looking for, on recent Jewish extremist violence

Soul-Searching in Israel After Bias Attacks on Gays and Arabs

Egypt: A critical article on the nuances of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Push for Retribution in Egypt Frays Muslim Brotherhood


ISIS Is No Weaker Than A Year Ago, Officials Say

Turkey: A nuanced discussion of Turkey and the different Kurdish factions.

Kurdish Militias Appear To Be Sidelined By U.S.-Turkey Military Deal

Cuba: If the FX question is about change in Cuba, this article is much of the answer. There’s a quote in the middle of page 2 that just screams to be used as an intro.

Cuban Youth See New US Embassy, but Same Old Drab Life

Greece: Bank economics, and how to lock up an economy. Most of you won’t remember the 2008 US economic meltdown, but banks that couldn’t/wouldn’t act like banks were much of the initial problem.

Greece’s banks are dying, and fast

China: An interesting article, with tons of internal links for further research, on China’s currency. How wanna-be world powers try to emerge financially. Includes the difference between renminbi and yuan.

The People’s Currency

North Korea: Life before and after you leave. One of the authors mentioned has a TED talk, too.

Can we believe all the horrors described by North Korean escapees – book reviews

Zimbabwe: Keep the country’s history in mind, It used to be Rhodesia, and was white-minority-ruled from 1965 to 1980 – with all that that implies. President (apparently for life) Robert Mugabe has run the country since then. One way of retaining popular support was the taking of white-owned farms. Note the numbers in this story. If your topic isn’t on Mugabe’s rule, and more on Zimbabwe’s future, this story will help.

To Ease An Economic Meltdown, Zimbabwe Considers Returning Farmland

Global Poverty: Solutions, anyone? Gotta love the article title, too. Another one with tons of internal links for further research. What does this suggest about domestic US policies to eradicate poverty?

Don’t teach a man to fish. Just give him the goddamn fish.


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