CX – Word choice matters

Section 603 problems:

Tech industry objects to terrorist activity reporting section in US legislation – IT News

Privacy Advocates To Senate Cyber Security Bill – Security or surveillance?

The next article isn’t directly about the topic:

Roger Cohen – Incurable American Excess

The reason for including it is the analytical framework idea again. It would seem to me that the distinction at the end of the second paragraph could be used for a case framework – that the state should be the embodiment of citizens’ rights and not a predator on those rights. Open your 1AC with that, and you immediately establish your position while pre-emptively painting any defense of surveillance that the Neg might offer in a very unattractive light. Replying with that phrase again throughout the round – that the Neg positions indicate that they believe the state should be a predator on citizens’ rights – should have a lasting effect on the judge’s perceptions.


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