FX – Middle East

Egypt: More on Sissi and what he’s done to the country.

Under Egypt’s Sissi, crackdown on human rights groups expands

Republican debate highlights GOP obsession with Egypt’s Sissi

Hamid – Sisi’s Regime Is a Gift to the Islamic State – Foreign Policy

Israel: More against Israeli ultranationalists, and their self-described justifications.

Naftali Bennett on Israel’s Jewish Terrorists

We are the tip of the spear that protects Israel, radical settlers say

Iraq: WP and NYT reports on the government’s efforts to try to save itself.

Iraqi leader announces measures aimed at fighting graft, dysfunction

Iraq’s Premier, Facing Protests, Proposes Government Overhaul

Iran: Fallow’s latest on the agreement

Fallows – Obama Defends the Iran Deal After His American University Speech – The Atlantic


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