FX – What you should be reading

Russia: The Hoagland article essentially agrees with Masha Gessen’s evaluation of Putin that I posted in the spring of 2014 – rather mediocre, and not a great thinker.

Hoagland – Vladimir Putin, failed spy

A Moscow of Dancing Feet, Under an Iron Fist


China has a growing “lost generation” of migrant children What does something like this suggest for the sort of social problems China will be encountering in a decade or two?

Yasheng Huang – Stock Markets Vex China’s Leaders The short paragraph in the middle of page 2 begs to be used in a speech, as does the second-to-last paragraph on page 3.

Bangladesh: An occasional problem becomes a frequent one.

Another Secular Blogger in Bangladesh Is Killed

Bangladesh – Fourth blogger this year is hacked to death

Mexico: Title says it all.

Mexico’s economy was supposed to soar – It’s starting to flop

EU migrants: The quotes by Habte on page 2, and Cohen at the end of page 3, are worth considering for use in a speech.

The Haves and the Have-Nots

Brazil: Effects on the political class, and on the people, of Brazil’s latest corruption scandal.

Brazil’s Vice President Sees Influence Grow as Scandal Engulfs Dilma Rousseff

Petrobras Oil Scandal Leaves Brazilians Lamenting a Lost Dream


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