FX – China

Hong Kong and democracy, from NPR:

Hong Kong’s Democracy Dilemma: Settle For Some, Or Keep Fighting?

The week’s big news – currency devaluation: The what, the cause, the effect.

China Devalues Its Currency as Worries Rise About Economic Slowdown

Irwin – Why Did China Devalue Its Currency – Two Big Reasons

Irwin – The More China’s Currency Falls, the More It Looks Like a ‘Currency War’

What China’s surprise currency devaluation means for its economy and the world

China is trying to save its economy with a cheaper currency

Currency Move by China Clouds Its Policy Goals

Devaluation Hints at China’s Rising Distress Over Economy

China’s Renminbi Devaluation May Initiate New Phase in Global Currency War

At this writing the devaluation has spanned three straight days; will it continue? A topic worth watching, and one that impacts sophisticated global financial arrangements.



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