FX – Middle East

Israel, and questions of identity:

New Route to Conversion Challenges Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox Establishment

So, the question isn’t just one of how Israel treats Jewish citizens vs. Arab citizens, it’s also how the state treats the different categories of Jewish citizens it has created.

Turkey: Two on the relationship between Turkey, the U.S., and the Kurds, plus one on their electoral situation (which, as I’ve posted elsewhere, has a connection to attacks on the PKK).

Why Turkey Is Fighting the Kurds Who Are Fighting ISIS

U.S. Relationship With Turkey A Balancing Act In Fight Against ISIS

Turkish Coalition Talks End Fruitlessly, Making New Elections Likely


Pincus – Iran is already a threshold nuclear state

Friedman – If I Were an Israeli Looking at the Iran Deal

Why Understanding Iran’s Anti-Semitism Matters – The Atlantic

What ending sanctions on Iran will mean for the country’s economy

ISIS: The middle of page 2 of the Cohen article is critical. The second article is profoundly disturbing, but does explain a lot. Keep an eye on how the justification used to brutalize Yazidi women appears to be expanding to include Christian and Jewish captives. How long until those news stories start showing up?

Roger Cohen – Why ISIS Trumps Freedom

ISIS Enshrines a Theology of Rape


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