FX – The rest of the world

Ukraine: Crimea, post-Russia takeover

In Crimea, a Disputed Beach Is a Symbol of Corruption

Burma: Will a leadership change make any difference?

Ruling Party of Myanmar Ousts Its Leader Amid a Government Reshuffle

Brazil: Corruption’s continuing cost

Scandals in Brazil Prompt Fears of a Return to Turmoil

Greece: If the current agreement is just the same old, same old, what will it take to get an economic stimulus to jump start the Greek economy?

Konstandaras – New Greek Bailout, Same Old Woes

Tentative Greek Debt Accord Might Do Little to Revive Economy


For Many in Spain, a Heralded Economic Recovery Feels Like a Bust

One of the key political science concepts is core/periphery – a central area that thrives and peripheral areas that don’t thrive as much. Note the EU countries with post-crash problems – Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland. See a pattern there?

Bonus article:

The 11 countries expected to shrink dramatically this century

Notice a pattern with the ones near the EU? (Are they peripheral to the EU – or to Russia?)



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