FX – China

Bungling the stock market: Note specifically the opening of the article; it also provides a mini-economics tutorial of relevant facets of the problem.

Krugman – Bungling Beijing’s Stock Markets

Bungling business expansion outside of China: An echo of some points of the Chinese in Egypt article posted earlier.

Chinese companies face culture shock in countries that aren’t like China

From an article that essentially repeated information I have in other articles, and that I did not save for that reason, comes mention of Christopher Balding, an economist at Peking University. He has his own blog, Balding’s World, on global finance, that has a ton of useful information but that may be for those of you who like their economics hard core – no shallow analysis here. (Drop this one on your high school econ teacher!) The link below is for a specific post on China’s turbulent week on the global economic stage.

End of Week Thoughts on a Big Week


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