FX – EU to Russia


Germany’s bizarre version of capitalism – where bosses and workers actually cooperate – is winning

Greece: The internal repercussions of the latest deal, and an article that will tell you more about the IMF than anything else I’ve read recently – both with regards to Greece specifically and to the IMF in general. The Meghan Greene quote at the end is the best description of how I’ve come to think of the latest deal.

As Greek Bailout Deal Passes, Alexis Tsipras Faces Rebellion

Thomas – The Greek Debt Deal’s Missing Piece – IMF


Ukraine topples Communist statues but raises a bigger debate

Russia: Life in Putinville.

Russian Publisher Rewrites Books on Putin Without Western Authors’ Consent

Russian Media Fails to Notice Americans Do Not Have British Accents

Again, you can’t make this sort of thing up.


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