FX – Middle East

Iran: The ‘unicorn-level rarity’ line in the Brown article should be used in a speech – it’ll really grab a judge’s attention and help guarantee that your speech is the one they remember after the round when they’re filling out the ballot.

From the Dissident to the Supreme Leader – What Iranians Think of the Nuclear Deal – The Atlantic

Brown – Why accepting the Iran nuclear deal is a no-brainer

Zakaria – Schumer’s illogical case against the Iran deal

Iraq: Waldman replies to GOP historical re-write efforts with some good background.

Waldman – Jeb Bush keeps finding new ways to be wrong about Iraq

Israel, Gaza specifically: Views from both sides of their respective gun barrels.

A decade later, many Israelis see Gaza pullout as a big mistake

Red Cross Offers Workshops in International Law to Hamas

Afghanistan: Words vs. actions.

Taliban Present Gentler Face, but Wield Iron Fist in Afghan District

Yemen: Is the Sunni-Shia conflict here a sign of what’s in store for the rest of the region?

Yemeni Government Faces Choice Between a Truce and Fighting On

Syria: Another in the continuing theory vs. practice series.

US and Turkey aim to create buffer zone on Syrian border – Nobody knows how

Turkey: The other side of the coin.

Ignatius – Kurdish leader blasts Turkey’s president



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