FX – China


To Understand Renminbi, Follow the Bacon

More on currency devaluation; link is to the original to see the graphics in the article. A PDF copy without the graphics will be in the Extemp folder after the next update.

China’s Devaluation of Its Currency Was a Call to Action

More on China in Africa, an echo of previous articles – in pictures.

Photos: African cities are starting to look eerily like Chinese ones

Certain well-off Chinese have relocated to the U.S. to avoid prosecution at home. China has sent agents after them, to try to get them to come back. The U.S. has warned the Chinese to recall those agents. Feldman takes a look at the dynamics of the matter.

Feldman – Real Mission for Chinese Secret Agents – Stopping Bad Press – Bloomberg View

The Great (Fire)Wall discussed:

Murong Xuecun – Scaling China’s Great Firewall


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