FX – Sri Lanka


To get to be a Social Studies teacher, my university required an anthropology course. Mine, in 2004, was on the Tamils of Sri Lanka. Quick background: When Sri Lanka was Ceylon, under the British, the Tamils (a numerical minority) tended to receive the positions of favor over the more numerous Sinhalese. After independence, that situation was reversed, and the Tamil minority was denied many basic privileges.

Iraq has traveled a similar path – a governing Sunni minority under Saddam Hussein, then Shiite domination after his downfall. Just as the Sunni fall from power led to Al Qaeda and ISIS (both predominantly Sunni, and anti-Shia), some Tamils ended up forming the Tamil Tigers. They are sometimes cited as the modern originators of suicide bombing, and their tactics were often brutal. They were defeated fairly recently, and not without brutality on the other side. That history, in part, has set up the current elections there. The following articles cover some of the background of the past week’s elections, and some of the implications.

Note the mention of China. How does this compare to their actions in Africa and elsewhere?

Comeback Hopes Dim for Mahinda Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka’s Ex-President

Former President Concedes, Then Reverses, in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankans Reject Ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa in Election

Can Sri Lanka’s new government break free from China


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