FX – Around the world

Sorting by population, to start…

China: More on the stock market, and the real cost of corruption.

Yu Hua – Blind Faith in China’s Stock Market

Chinese Report Details Role of Political Connections in Tianjin Blasts

India: Theory vs. Practice – and this is how politics is really practiced!

Activist Targeting Modi’s Government Becomes Government’s Target

Russia: Symbolism, and a reaction

Russian Police Get Tough on Illicit Cheese

Russians Outraged At Destruction Of EU Food

Japan: An issue worth tracking in a part of the world with a long memory.

French – Abe’s Avoidance of the Past

EU: Migrant issue – note the numbers in both stories.

Europe Spreads No Welcome Mats For Masses Of Migrants

Germany Announces Plan to Cope with Migrant Influx

Germany and Greece:

Bittner – Europe’s Civil War of Words – two views Germany and Greece

Canada: It’s rare to get one detailed story on this neck of the woods, and now there’s a second! (OK, it should be noted that it’s in reply to the previous article, posted earlier.)

What Stephen Marche Gets Wrong About Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper – The Atlantic


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