FX – Middle East

Quick hits from around the region.


Erdogan, ISIS, and Turkey’s War Against the Kurds – The Atlantic

Afghanistan: The incident isn’t necessarily unusual, but the methodology is a change. A new trend? Does it complicate the fight against the Taliban?

Police Officers Are Killed at a Checkpoint in Afghanistan’s South

South Sudan: For a country that began with such promise, a rapid and often-fatal breakdown.

South Sudan’s President Lets Deadline for Signing a Peace Deal Pass

Iraq: More on The Surge, from NPR.

Peter Beinart: GOP Uses The Surge To Squash Doubts About The Iraq Invasion

Yemen: That the Houthi advance would be stopped was likely, what follows after that was/is the unknown.

In parts of Yemen, rebels have lost control – No one else has it yet

Lebanon: An interesting retrospective from a British diplomat, via NPR.

British Ambassador Tom Fletcher Says Goodbye To Lebanon


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