FX – Middle East

Israel: Israeli-Palestinian conflicts; ethics and morality

One Palestinian’s Refusal to Eat Puts Israel in a Bind

Which led to:

Israeli Court Rules to Suspend Palestinian Prisoner’s Detention

Fearful of Jewish settlers, Palestinians deploy night watchmen

Libya: A mess gets messier.

Libya Asks Arab League Countries to Help Battle Islamic State

Turkey: Politics and war.

Elections Seem Likely in Turkey as ISIS Threat Rises

Egypt: Should we be helping their dictatorship? With military aid? (Most of what we give them is used to buy military material from US companies, so the aid is a bit circular.)

The Questionable Legality of Military Aid to Egypt

Syria: Is there a non-military solution? What would motivate the parties involved to choose that over violent conflict?

A flurry of diplomacy to end Syria’s war raises hope, but even more doubt

Afghanistan: The title says it all.

As the US pulls back, more Afghans descend into joblessness

And two on the Middle East in general (multiple countries). Friedman offers a possible future, Eltahawy hopes for one for women.

Friedman – The World’s Hot Spot – global warming

Eltahawy – The Middle East’s Morality Police


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