FX – Ukraine, India, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Burma

Ukraine: A link to the original, so that the map is included. A PDF without the map will be in the Extemp files after the next update.

At Point 18 in eastern Ukraine, the war grinds on, night after night

India: Total population is in the 1.2-1.4 billion range. The article lists the Muslim population as 170 million. While a minority, do any other countries have a larger Muslim population?

Why a rising star of Muslim politics in India stirs hope and fear

Zimbabwe: A quick course on where they are and how they got there.

Life Beyond Cecil The Lion In Zimbabwe

North Korea: Adjusting to not being in the country, and adjusting to being there.

A North Korean Defector’s Regret

North Korea’s Millennials Demonstrate Entrepreneurial Spirit


Thant Myint-U – Myanmar’s Best Hope for Peace

Military’s Win Puts Myanmar’s Transition To Democracy In Question

Bonus: A negotiator’s thoughts, from NPR. What policy – domestic and foreign – looks like on the ground.

Dealing With Tough Negotiations


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