NX – Social Security, Campaign Financing, Inequality, Economics

Social Security: The second paragraph in the Krugman article is key to understanding why Republicans target the program.

Kotlikoff et al – Let Older Americans Keep Working

Krugman – Republicans Against Retirement

Campaign Financing:

The Affluent Ante Up for the Presidency

Inequality: It isn’t just the top 1% vs. the 99%.

Racial Wealth Gap Persists Despite Degree, Study Says

Economics: Liberal satire, and defending capitalism.

Rampell – Some ‘advice’ for the 2016 candidates suffering from economic delusion

Crook – Are You Rich – No Need to Apologize – Bloomberg View

Holtz-Eakin – “Don’t Buy the Idea that all Inequality is Bad”

That I disagree with much of what the last two articles say is an understatement. What do those articles get right – or wrong? (My analytical tool, in short: theory vs. practice. If the theory is correct, why doesn’t it work the way it’s supposed to in practice?) Look up the article on the Kansas Experiment, posted earlier – why haven’t conservative economic policies created an economic nirvana?


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