FX – Around the world

China: Latest currency news (notice the difference between the currencies in the basket, and China’s currency), and the U.S. isn’t their only cyber-espionage target.

China’s Currency Again Left Out of IMF Basket

Chinese hackers may have turned sights on India, new report says

Malaysia: Worth watching – this one won’t be going away soon.

Sreenevasan – Among Malaysia’s Many Scandals

Israel: In favor of a two-state solution. Notice the author’s qualifications.

Bar – Israel’s Other Existential Threat Comes From Within

Greece: PM resigns, calling for snap elections.

Syriza Dissenters Form New Party in Greece

What Alexis Tsipras’s Announcement Means for Greece

Russia: Domestic intrigue, foreign leverage (not!)

Russia’s summer of intrigue – Political trials take center stage

Russia used to have a powerful weapon in its energy sector – Not anymore

Zakaria expands on the energy sector article, and includes Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia.

Zakaria – From Russia to Iran, the consequences of the global oil bust

Under the ‘everything is economics‘ heading, some applied econ. Here’s an analytical framework worth having in your Forensics toolchest. Applicable to a lot of the countries on which you’ll be speaking this year.

Why some billionaires are bad for growth, and others aren’t


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