FX – Iran

Iran wants investors, investors want in. Pent-up demand meets the amorality of the profit motive.

Iran Prepares to Lure Foreign Investors After Nuclear Deal

While Congress argues over Iran, Europe rushes to do business there

IAEA (know who they are!) responds to conservative criticism of the deal:

Atomic energy watchdog says critics ‘misrepresent’ Iran nuclear agreement

Imagine the points Corker makes as tag lines in a CX Aff case, and Pincus’ reply as the Neg rebuttal:

Pincus – Corker’s muddled argument against the Iranian nuclear deal

Note the points Pincus makes on Iran’s actual standing in the area; he’s not the only one to point this out:

Kuttab – The Iran nuclear deal may be a boon for politics in the Middle East


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