NX – Best article title I didn’t save

I don’t usually save much in the way of election coverage – it’s very transient and doesn’t age well. That’s why I skipped this article in spite of the title:

“The Talking Dead: Field notes from the political zombie apocalypse”

It had to do with GOP candidate and former Texas governor Rick Perry running out of campaign funds. Does he drop out? Of course not! There’s a PAC that favors his candidacy that still has a bunch of money, but since Perry can’t directly coordinate with the PAC it gets to decide how the money is spent. A real political brain-body disconnect – the PAC brain effectively controlling the candidate’s body.

Given the number of Republican candidates, my first thought on the headline was that it was referring to the GOP debates. With that many candidates, you know that most of them are likely to end up as the Talking Dead (think: Sarah Palin), and the full stage of candidates would seem to make a great political zombie apocalypse.

Words, and the images they make, can really matter – set yourself apart in a round with the right words and phrases to help the judge remember you at ballot completion time.


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