FX – Around the world

Middle East first…

Iran: Check out Scowcroft’s qualifications – he’s no pro-Obama liberal.

Scowcroft – The Iran deal – An epochal moment that Congress shouldn’t squander

Iraq: The title says it all.

Beyond terrorism, Iraq’s leader is struggling to fight corruption

Afghanistan: Dotsum has been a key player for a lot of years – you should know who he is. Second article is about what we in this country feel is a key part of a functioning democracy. (Is it elsewhere?)

Full Bellies Are the Measure of Afghan Influence and Hospitality

With US withdrawal looming, a nascent Afghan press is in peril

Yemen and Saudi Arabia: from NPR

U.N. Criticizes Saudi-Backed Operations In Yemen, But U.S. Stays Silent

Other places…

China: Breaking economic news has quieted down, so there’s time for more analysis.

Currency Devaluation Is a Short Step in China’s Long Advance

India: Sociology and economics collide.

Pande et al – Why Aren’t India’s Women Working

Venezuela: Playing political hardball to retain power.

9 Opposition Candidates Barred From Venezuela’s December Ballot

Burma: What happens when you don’t have birthright citizenship.

Myanmar Lawmaker Barred From Re-election on Citizenship Grounds – Rohingya disenfranchisement


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