FX – Middle East

Saudi Arabia: Two from earlier this year, one from today. When did women get the right to vote here? How long ago? (And a fun look at our struggle: Bad Romance: Women’s Suffrage)

How Saudi Arabia’s harsh legal punishments compare to the Islamic State’s

The facts – and a few myths – about Saudi Arabia and human rights

Saudi women register to vote for the first time – ‘A dream for us’

Lebanon: Words, and the pictures that go with it. Plus, an odd civil war legacy (and a comment on the amorality of capitalism).

Trash crisis sparks clashes over corruption, dysfunction in Lebanon

Lebanon’s #YouStink Anti-Government Protests

Lebanon’s Shrinking Public Beaches

Syria: From NPR; the second story gets into ‘no-fly’ zones.

U.N. Official ‘Absolutely Horrified’ With Conditions In Syria

Activists Call For An End To Deadly Syrian Barrel Bomb Attacks

Israel: Palestinian prisoners, hunger strikes, and force feeding.

Hunger Strike Raises Debate About Force-Feeding In Israeli Prisons

Turkey: The title says it all.

Before It Can Hope to Fight Militants, Turkey Has Its Own Troubles To Tame

Iran: NPR’s version of a text story posted earlier.

Inside Iran: A Jewish Journalist’s Exclusive Look

Afghanistan: A facet of our issues there.

Critiquing US Spending in Afghanistan, to Dramatic Effect


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