FX – Around the world

Oil: A bit of rewording and this would make a decent FX question.

From Venezuela to Iraq to Russia, Oil Price Drops Raise Fears of Unrest

Brazil: Corruption isn’t the only reason for economic turmoil.

For Brazil’s 1 Percenters, The Land Stays In The Family Forever

This is why Brazil is worried about China’s shaky economy

North Korea: The shooting (and land mines and loudspeakers) have stopped.

Deal Between North and South Korea Defies Their Mutual Disdain

After deal, North and South Korea try to work together – but for how long

Russia: Russia gets down and, perhaps, dirty.

Russia removes Western detergents from supermarkets

India: Set-asides and the legacy of the caste system. Look up the Political Science term ‘rent-seeking’ – does that apply here?

A prosperous clan in India rallies for government aid, sparking violence

NPR’s version: Mass Rally Protesting Indian Quota System Leads To Unrest


I’ve said before that if our hard-liners and their hard-liners think the deal is a bad one, we’ve probably reached a decent compromise. In this case, in spite of the naysayers who believe that Iran will become more oppressive, these words from their dissidents should be another reason to believe the deal is a good one.

On YouTube, Iran Activists Urge America to Back Nuclear Deal

Note that the authors of the next article are from the University of Sydney (Australia); they’re removed from our domestic Conservative-Liberal battles. I found this article to be one of the best I’ve read about our domestic conflicts over the pending deal with Iran. Does what the authors say affect your views on the subject? (If you’re going to go to college, look up “Manichean” – third paragraph, “Manichean terms” – it will come up there in some assigned reading, and understanding the phrase is necessary to understanding this article.)

Hemmer et al – Why Republicans Reject the Iran Deal – and All Diplomacy


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