FX – China

The latest from inside China:

China Again Cuts Interest Rates as Concerns Mount Over Economy

What they’re saying about it (or not):

China’s Party-Run Media Is Silent on Market Mayhem

After things like this, there’s always an examination of who got it right when so many others didn’t:

Sorkin – A Warning on China Seems Prescient – Rogoff

Nocera – The Man Who Got China Right – Chanos

Effects inside China, and what that means outside China:

As Stocks Fall, China’s Big Spenders Pull Back

China’s stock market tumble is taking luxury fashion stocks with it

Economic and political implications there, elsewhere, and here:

‘The rules are flawed’ – Chinese stock crash leaves investors cynical

Beijing Government Spurred Ordinary Investors To Make Risky Margin Bets

China’s Missteps Tarnish A Reputation For Economic Management

Political Risks May Foil Economic Reform in China

Even If U.S. Economy Weathers Chinese Downturn, Emerging Markets May Get Hit

China’s Economic Slowdown Further Hurts Depressed Commodity Prices

Ally, adversary or both – Stock market slide exposes Obama’s challenge of dealing with China


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