NX – Guantanamo & Economy

The desire to close Guantanamo meets reality. Are these concerns legitimate, or would red states have a different opinion if their party had the White House?

Kansas and South Carolina Take NIMBY Stance On Guantanamo Prisoners

A quick look at the forces impacting the U.S. economy:

Signs, Long Unheeded, Now Point to Risks in US Economy

Low interest rates aren’t exactly the favorite thing for the investor class, so proposed/pending rate hikes by the Feds (Federal Reserve Board; see: Janet Yellen) were something to which they were looking forward. Current global economic turmoil, parts of which could be longer-lasting than stock market fluctuations, now have people saying that a rate hike would probably be premature right now. That these people include Summers and Stiglitz, two of the really big players in economics, is significant. (For those interested in economics in more depth, the articles where they take their anti-increase positions will be in the next Extemp file update at the end of the month.)

From the “What? You expected something different?’ files:

Fewer companies are giving out bonuses to lower-paid employees

The average S&P 500 CEO makes more than 200 times the median worker

I did a report for a college Sociology class in 2011 on the Chipotle CEO – a local boy made good, from the same university at which I was taking the course – and the difference was mid-three-digit at the time. I should be stunned at the increase, but I’m not.

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