FX – China (with Zombies!)

Zombie Factories Stalk the Sputtering Chinese Economy

OK, so technically it’s factories. You do have to wonder, though, if the people at these places, combined with these people

How farmers from rural China bet on the stock market and lost

don’t add up to the economic Walking Dead. And, in true Zombie Apocalypse fashion, what happens when you turn to the government for accurate information?

Plunging Chinese Stock Market Was Barely Covered In China

Does the government blame their program, the one that created the zombies? Of course not! You blame one of the scientists!

China pins market plunge on financial journalist, airs ‘confession’

Trying to restructure the economy to avoid the apocalypse:

China’s Tricky Economic Transition: From Steel Mills To E-Commerce

And more on Tianjin:

Behind Tianjin Blast, High Price of Lax Rules


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